We have come up with a way to enjoy the best of both worlds! The online booking system is the best way to book on to our open matches as it guarantees you a peg, but we understand people do want to turn up on the morning. Therefore, you can now turn up and pay by card before 8.00am or by calling Nel on 07950057613 on the morning before 8.

To secure your place on the match, you can book on in advance via the website; however, to avoid complications, you cannot call up in advance to secure a place because there would be too many lists and this would become too confusing. If you don’t want to book on in advance, please only call or turn up on the morning for a place.

The places on our open matches are limited to peg one miss one to ensure top and fair matches for everyone, so once the pegs are sold out, we cannot add any more in. For example, we have been selling out on a Sunday, so it would be a risky to turn up on the morning and expect a peg to be available. I would strongly recommend still booking in advance because this guarantees a place, but midweek can be more flexible.

The draw for all open matches will now take place in the outdoor seating area of the café when dry and indoor log cabin area when raining – 10 people max in that inside area.This is a rolling draw from 8:15 am. We have received lots of feedback and it seems that this system is preferred – some people like to take their time setting up and others prefer to turn up 20 mins before all in which you can still do by booking online.

Social distancing of at least 1 metre MUST be adhered to at all times during the draw. Once you have been given a peg, please do NOT gather around the table and respect the safety of other customers and staff. Match Tickets are recommended to be booked on our website


Day Tickets

Pre-purchased day ticket holders are now able to drive on and head straight to their pegs or to the bait collection point. Bait collection is still located at the top warehouse (being reviewed for winter – likely to move to the shop). If you need to purchase a day ticket upon arrival, you MUST do so before you head out to a peg in the Tackle & Bait Shop. (Same day tickets are subject to availability)

Persons found on the banks without a day ticket will be charged £12 per day ticket to discourage this from happening. We need all customers that are purchasing on the day to get them from the shop as we have lists of how many spare tickets are available on which lakes on the day and we need to ensure spaces for pre-purchased tickets.Day Tickets can be pre-purchased on our website


Thanks to everyone for your continued support! It’s so appreciated and we hope these changes will help us all head into the right direction back towards normality whilst being safe still. That being said, if this new system doesn’t work with the new changes, we will revert back to the way we were doing it as everyone’s safety is our priority!