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Fishing at Partridge Lakes whilst maintaining social distancing

Partridge Lakes Fishery have implemented additional procedures that must be observed by all anglers to ensure a safe experience for all our anglers & staff. The below outlines those procedures. These terms & conditions are subject to change without notice. 

As of Wednesday 13th May 2020. To ensure we can deliver a safe fishing experience for all our anglers whilst ensuring we keep our staff safe we are changing the way we fish at Partridge Lakes. The guidance is regularly changing and we will be regularly reviewing the procedures we have put in place. Please stay up to date with the latest changes by following our Facebook page and website.

We hope that our anglers will appreciate the steps we have taken to give you the comfort to get back out on the banks whilst maintaining social distancing whilst ensuring our staff remain safe at all times.

1.   General Rules

  • ALLDay tickets, Bait & Tackle are now to be purchased online. The deadline for this will be midday the day before you intend to fish.
  • Day Tickets to be purchased online at
  • Day Tickets are subject to availability.
  • Partridge Lakes will be a 100% Cashless site, any purchases made on site must be made using card payments, preferably contactless.
  • Access will not be permitted without a valid day ticket for the date of your visit. If you do attend the fishery without a valid day ticket for that day you will not be permitted entry.
  • You must only fish on the lake specified on your ticket.
  • EA Rod License number must be entered when buying your day ticket.
  • Tickets will be sent electronically via email to the email you enter during your online checkout, please ensure you have access to this mailbox as you will need this to be checked by a member of staff before being permitted access to the venue.
  • Once you are in the venue, we ask that you do not leave your vehicle until you are going to your peg. This is to protect you and our staff.
  • Once you are in the venue you will have the option to go through our drive through café. Where you will be able to buy from a limited menu along with Tea/Coffee & Soft drinks. Please stay in your vehicle.
  • Next you will be directed to drive to the click and collect area to collect your pre-ordered bait. Again, you do not need to leave your vehicle.
  • Once you have collected your bait you must go directly to parking in the car park nearest to your intended lake. Park up, Unload & head directly to your peg to begin your days fishing.
  • Pegs you are able to fish on will be marked with a yellow paint on the peg. Many pegs are not marked in order to maintain distance between pegs.
  • Whilst we await further guidance there will be no Club Matches held. We will be in touch with the club secretaries to rearrange in due course – please bear with us on this.
  • Tickets are non refundable or transferable.
  • Park only in designated areas, only park in the main car parks.

2.   Gold Members

  • Gold Members, do not need to purchase online.
  • You must check in at the Main Gate and present your valid ID pass
  • If you do not have your pass please text 07469 981 743 so we can contact you as a priority as soon as possible. We are currently receiving a lot of calls.
  • Gold Members are required to use the website to order their bait in advance.
  • Gold Members are only able to fish on Gold Lake while we get the new system off the ground.
  • No new Gold Memberships will be available at this time.

3.   Fishing Rules

  • All normal fishery rules apply with these amendments, Normal Fishery Rules. In light of a conflict then the rules stipulated in the Covid-19 terms will supersede.
  • No Keep nets.
  • Max 2 rods on the whole complex, including Holbar.
  • No Sharing of Fishing Tackle.
  • No moving pegs, choose your peg and stick with it.
  • Bivvys directly on your peg only.
  • No sharing of landing nets.
  • Only members of one household per car.
  • Only members of one household per peg.

4.   The Café

  • The café will be limited to day ticket or gold members only.
  • The café will be operating on reduced menu and reduced staff to ensure we can maintain to social distancing.
  • The café will only be operating under reduced hours.
  • You must adhere to 2m social distancing whilst queuing for the café.
  • All food served is to be taken away and cannot be consumed in the café area. 


Partridge Lakes reserve the right to suspend access to the fishery for any anglers at any time. Anglers suspended from the use of the fishery will not be entitled to any refund of costs nor can Partridge Lakes Fishery or anyone representing Partridge Lakes Fishery ( Determined by the proprietor of Partridge Lakes Fishery) be held accountable for losses or damages.




    Frequently Asked Questions

    Q:What time do the gates open?

    A:Gates are open at 7am – please do not arrive earlier than this to avoid traffic on the main road.


    Q:What time do the gates close?

    A:Gates close at 8pm please stop fishing at 7:30pm.


    Q:Can I turn up and buy a day ticket on the day?

    A: No, all day tickets must be purchased online before you arrive.


    Q: Can I bring someone with me to spectate?

    A: no, only those with a day ticket or members will be allowed on site. We have added in our Facebook post below that dicsusses this point further.

    Q:Can I pre book my peg?
    A: No day tickets are bought for the lake (some are groups of lakes) you want to fish, and you can choose your peg upon arrival, first come first serve basis, pegs will not run out as we have limited the number of tickets available to purchase per lake.


    Q:When is the last point i can buy a day ticket?

    A:Midday the day before you fish, so if you want to fish on a Wednesday, you need to book a day ticket on before midday Tuesday.


    Q:When can I book tickets for the weekend?

    A:We are looknig at realeasing the next 7-14 days of tickets in any on go, so please keep checking back on the website or join our mailing list to get an email when new tickets or news goes live.


    Q:Can i travel with a mate?

    A:You can only travel with people within your household.


    Q:Can we share a peg?

    A:You can only sit on a peg with people within your household but each person needs a day ticket. This is to limited the number of tickets we are selling per lake.


    Q:Can I bring my child?

    A: only if they have a day ticket


    Q:Can I bring my partner?

    A:only if they have a day ticket


    Q: Are the toilets open?

    A:Yes, staff will be cleaning more regularly. Please wash your hands.


    Q:Where do you park

    A: Please park in the nearest car park to your lake if you do not know where this is please ask a member of staff

    Please park in the designated car parks and not behind your pegs.

    Only park on the “covey hedge” side of the road. Not on the Holbar side.

    Gold Members will be directed to the gold car park following checkin at the gates.


    Q:Will the tackle and bait shop be open?

    A: Not at the moment while we get settled in, please order your bait online before midday on the day prior to fishing, we will have limited stock availble on site for emergency. No Cash Payments, Card only.


    Q:Gold members do I need to book online?

    A: No. Please show gold membership pass at the gate. If you need tackle and bait please order this before midday on the day prior to fishing.


    Q:Is the Cafe open?

    Yes, the cafe is open from 7am-2:30pm. Please walk up to the cafe window as normal and maintain social distancing. We are currrently serving a limited menu. No Cash Payments, Card only.


    Q:Can I unload on my peg

    A: No, you must unload at the designated parking area. No driving around the pegs.

    Facebook Post in regards to our policy on Spectators.