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Fishery Rules

All Juniors under 16 years MUST be accompanied by an adult at all times.
Strictly no night fishing.
No dogs allowed on the fishery lakes, but are welcome at our Partridge Lakes Cafe.
Must have a valid EA Rod License.
No keep nets.
Maximum barbless hook size 14.
2 Rods maximum per Peg (3 on Holbar – see below)
No braided lines.
In-line method feeders only.
No elasticated methods – except for Guru X-Safe.
No fixed rigs.
No braided line.
No Floatless Rigs


No Nuts, Cat/Dog Food, Bloodworm or Jokers
No floating baits/Surface Fishing.
No artificial baits.
Ground Bait 2 kilo per peg limit.

No Boilies apart from Holbar (2 kilo per peg)



Barbless hooks only.
14s maximum hook size.
Above bait bans apply.
In-line method feeders only
No Floatless Rigs
No elasticated methods – except for Guru X-Safe system
8 pint bait limit per match.
2 Kilo Ground Bait (In addition to the 8 Pints above)
Two keepnets, or more, must be used from the start in all matches.
All keepnets to be placed drying on the bank behind your peg and not put in the water until 15 minutes before start of match.
A 66lb limit in each net with fish distributed evenly between nets.
No swinging fish in, a landing net must be used for every fish.
No bait to be thrown in after the match. Bait bins are provided.
No pole cups over the water before all in.
No fishing over aerator ropes.
Match official decisions are final.
Offenders will be disqualified.
You must have a float on your line at all times.
Over shotting is allowed.
No line limit between Float & Pole.
You can Tap & Slap.


You may trim any vegetation above the water’s surface, but do not pull any vegetation out of the water. No cleaning of the lake bed before the start of the match.
Please gather trimmed vegetation neatly on the bank.
If there is loose trimming from bailiff works, you may scoop it out with your landing net.
No digging of the banks in any form with any implement. i.e, spades, bank sticks, hands.



Barbless hooks only (no crimped or de-barbed hooks).
No hooks larger than size 6 barbless.
No fixed leads they must be easy to eject if the fish becomes snagged.
No braided hooklinks. Coated braid ie: Korda NTrap is acceptable, as are mono hooklinks.
No braided mainlines (except on marker and spod rods).
Leadcore and Korda Dark Matter leaders are allowed but must be set up safely so the lead or hooklink can release if breakage occurs.
Rig Tubing is allowed



Ground bait 2kg limit
Boilies 2kg limit
No Cat or Dog food
No floating baits



Thank you for taking the time to read the above rules. If you have any questions, please contact the Bailiff on 07950057613.


Please respect and adhere to all rules as spot checks will be exercised on the banks.

Partridge Lakes Fishery cannot accept any responsibility for any loss, damage or injury to any person, property or vehicles whilst at the Fishery.

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