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*A limited number of Gold Memberships have become available*

Gold Lake is our prestigious members water at Partridge Lakes, it boasts the title of our flag ship water due to it maturing over the last 22 years, as it was the first pond to be dug out.
Gold Lake fishes consistently well all year round with a vast range of species of decent sizes, Carp up to 22lbs (it is stocked with a large amount of carp between 10lbs – 20lbs), Tench up to 6lbs and Barbel up to 5lbs and full of silverfish and ide of good sizes.

Gold has 45 pegs with many different environments, from open water pegs for the big carpers to the peaceful and sheltered areas where you can fish to the islands up to 11 meters away where fishing the pellet waggler shallow or pole shallow/ on the deck, Gold really does cater for all styles of fishing and is sure to provide you with a fantastic days fishing along with the welcoming atmosphere from our frequent visiting members.

With a Gold membership you may fish all other waters that are available as day ticket on the day (not if in use for a match or being rested) including our Specimen lake Holbar (except in the summer months at the weekend due to high demand) all included in the price of the annual membership. Membership can be paid in monthly instalments by standing order for £35 a month which equates to £420 for the full years membership, which can also be paid upfront when joining.

One of the main attractions of Gold Lake is that as a fishery, in the summer months at the weekend, we can get very busy on our day ticket waters and Gold Lake offers the opportunity to always have a fantastic peg to fish off no matter what time you get out of bed on a sunny Sunday in August as we limit the number of members!


To sign up for an annual Gold Membership pass please pop into our fishery office with two passport sized photos, general personal information such as address, contact number etc and if you would like to pay monthly, please bring your bank details (account number and sort code) and the address of the bank at which your card is registered to so we can set up the direct debit.


For more Gold membership information please call 07469981743.