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Our Carp water, Holbar Lake totals 4 acres of water. Holbar is an exclusive day ticket water with easy access to the 47 pegs. The runs water is stocked with the largest fish on the complex with Mirror and Common Carp up to 27 lbs, Barbel over 7 lbs, F1s, Bream, and silverfish. 


Holbar is a vast open water with depths up to 12 ft in parts, and 35 meters to the islands which varies throughout the lake. Popular pegs are situated on the feature of the lake which is over the bridge onto the island, this tends to fish well throughout the year as does fishing in between the islands for large carp. If its big Barbel you are after catching then head to peg 17 which has been nicknamed “Barbel Alley” where they often shoal up.

In November 2019, 27 carp between 10 to 22 lbs were introduced into Holbar lake and have been caught this summer and identified by their scaly patterns!

Anglers tips are to fish banded 8mm pellet with loose feed over the top, a method feeder or boilies can work well.

Holbar used to be two separate lakes (Holbar 1 & 2) however it was redeveloped, combined, depths increased and now fishing has improved on there, even producing the runner up weight in the Fish ‘O’ Mania Qualifier 2015 by Andrew Bailey for Daiwa Dons weighing in with 101.14 lbs on Holbar peg 16.

Day Tickets: £12.00 for 1 rod, £15 for 2 rods – No Concessions.

Holbar Rules 

Barbless Hooks only (no crimped or de-barbed hooks).
No hooks larger than size 6 barbless.
No fixed leads they must be easy to eject if the fish becomes snagged.
No braided hooklinks. Coated braid ie: Korda NTrap is acceptable, as are mono hooklinks.
No braided mainlines (except on marker and spod rods).
Leadcore and Korda Dark Matter leaders are allowed but must be set up safely so the lead or hooklink can release if breakage occurs.
Rig Tubing is allowed

Bait Boats are allowed
Bivvys are allowed
Un hooking mats required.

Holbar Bait Bans

Ground bait 2kg limit

Boilies 2kg limit

No Cat or Dog food
No floating baits

* All rules are also subject to the discretion of our Bailiffs, please ask them for further advice if any of these rules are unclear *

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