Partridge Lakes Open Matches Announcement 27/05/20

We are absolutely delighted to announce that we will be hosting open matches as of Tuesday 2nd June, we feel very lucky as a sport to be allowed to host competitions already, so we have put new procedures below in place so that we can run our open matches safely & following government guidelines that are currently in place.

All booking on to our matches will be done via our website online booking system, (very similar to how you now book day tickets) under the Buy Match Ticket Section – which will be later this evening!
The deadline to book on a match is 12 noon the day prior to the match you want to fish as this gives us time to get the list ready for Nel to peg the match before we open the next day.

The draw will take place at the gate upon arrival out of your car window, Nel will draw the peg for you and you must head straight to your peg, anglers must not arrive before 9.00 am to avoid gatherings taking place prior to the match.

The café will be open for take aways (if required) to take back to your peg, outdoor seating areas are still not allowed by the government so all benches are not in use. Card payments only please.

If you would like to purchase bait for your match, order your bait online before midday of the match day you want to fish, then it will be ready for you to collect through our click and collect drive through system on the way to your peg.
We do have essentials in the shop and more maggots available (eg your maggots escaped or you forgot yours!) but we would really appreciate you getting them via the online system to avoid queuing and gathering as it’s a slow one in one out system in the shop, open limited hours from 9.00 – 2.30 pm. Card payments only please.

The match will be 5 hours, all in at 10.30 am and all out 3.30 pm.

Weigh in – please could all anglers stay on /directly behind their peg – do not wander up and down the banks, and wait for a weigh in team to arrive to you.
The weigh in net will be placed in a stand/cradle near to your peg, the member of staff will then stand back, the angler is to then lift their own net out of the water and pour the fish into the net without touching the weigh sling and then stand back, the staff member will then lift the net out of the cradle onto the scales and return your fish to the water (and repeat for multiple weighs!) You will be given your total weight on the bank as normal, but you must then pack up your gear and head straight to your car. Do not follow the scales around for the rest of the weigh in.
At the moment the café will not be open after the match (closes at 2.30 pm) to avoid any gatherings after the match, so once weighed in, please leave site.
Results will be posted straight after the match on the website and on Facebook.

Winners will be contacted to confirm bank details and their winnings will be paid by bank transfer into their bank.

We would like to thank you for your continued support throughout all of these changes which we feel are necessary to implement to ensure everyone’s safety. The feedback from pleasure anglers who have visited us since opening is that they feel very safe with the new rules in place, and we would like this to continue once matches start to the same high standard.

We are not accepting cash anywhere on site, and this is for the safety of our staff, although money doesn’t have to be directly handed to the staff, they still have to count it and therefore touch it and as far as we know the virus can live on plastic/surfaces for 72 hours and we do not want to put the staff in any sort of vulnerable position. We also don’t want to put our customers in danger by spreading the virus from note to note & returning to them to you as winnings or change – so please bring your bank card with you!

If you need help booking on through the website, we would be happy to help on 07469981743, just bear with us as the phones are quite busy at the moment.

We would like to let you all know there has been a £1 peg fee increase due to the new website/booking system, increase in wages and more staff required on site to manage the customers safety, we hope that you understand the reasons and that we are always reluctant to increase prices but we hope that you see the effort we have gone to once you come on site and feel safe fishing here.

Open Match Entry Fee – £23 (£9 peg fee and £14 pools)
Over 60’s & Disabled Open Match Entry Fee – £13 (£8 peg fee and £5 pools)

Matches planned
Tuesday 2nd June – Open Match – 1 – 5
Wednesday 3rd June – Over 60s & Disabled – Coveys 1 – 4
Thursday 4th June – Open Match – Coveys 1 – 6
Saturday 5th June – Fish ‘O’ Mania – Coveys 1 – 6 / Spey
Sunday 6th June – Open Match – Coveys 1 – 4 & 6