Partridge Lakes are delighted to be hosting a 2020 Over 60’s & Disabled 3 Day Spring Fishing Festival!

The 3 day festival will fall on our normal Over 60’s & Disabled Open Match Days (which will still be on as normal despite the festival!)

Day 1 – Monday 20th April

Day 2 – Wednesday 22nd April

Day 3 – Friday 23rd April
The way the festival will work is won on a points basis, each lake will be a section of up to 10 anglers, where your position on the lake is the number of points you get (lowest wins!)

Lakes being used are Coveys 1 – 4, Spey & Marsh
The lakes you fish on will be rotated throughout the 3 days For example;
Day 1 – Monday 20th April – Coveys 1 & 2

Day 2 – Wednesday 22nd April – Coveys 3 & 4

Day 3 – Friday 23rd April – Spey & Marsh

There will be pay ours on the day as normal for lake winners etc and then big pay ours at the end of the week for the overall winners who have the lowest accumulated points (if there is a tie on points, winners will be decided by highest weight)
After the success of the Octoberfest 3 Day Festival for the Over 60’s & Disabled held in 2019, we can’t wait to be hosting Spring & October 3 Day Festivals this year!
Limited spaces available (60 anglers maximum) To book on or for more info call or text Nel on 07950057613 £50 entry fee must be paid in advance, payment deadline 13th April.