Restocking of the Coveys

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We had an early start this morning at Partridge with the restocking of the Coveys at sunrise!

Jason from Babylon Fish Farm started his journey from Kent at 2.00 am carefully transporting the 1250 lbs of pure F1s up to us in Warrington. We have bought off Babylon for years & are never disappointed with the quality of the fish, and today was no exception! We ordered over a thousand pound sin weight of F1s in June to replenish any fish lost throughout the year due to natural causes, but as the weights in summer showed the Coveys are at an ideal level of fish stock. This years summer weights were better than ever with one match of 80 anglers having 50 weights over 150 lbs each and a few over 200 lbs! With these great weights and the natural breeding of little carp in the water it shows the water quality and levels to be bang on so we just added a generous top up of F!s to keep them moving in winter as the carp ted not to feed during the colder months.

We split the F1 delivery equally across Covey 1 – 4 & 6 (approx 500 fish per lake).

A few weeks ago we had the EA (Environment Agency) at Partridge Lakes to help us net Coveys 1 – 4 to take out all the little pesky silver fish like Gudgeon and Roach to create more space for, oxygen & less competition for food for the F1s, Carp & Ide. It also gave us a chance to see the stocking levels in each of the Coveys 1 – 4 & the quality of the fish which we were really happy with & proud of, all the fish looked healthy & their weight was good – not too slim, and their mouths in good condition – which is important to check as the waters are fished up to 5 times a week and no signs of stress were apparent on the fish (such as open sores etc)! All the fish passed a health check done by the EA at the time of netting which shows there are no harmful bacteria in the waters, which is another positive considering the unbelievably hot summer we have had this year!

All of this should give the Lakes a nice boost as we head into the full force of Winter!

Happy Winter Everyone!



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