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On Bank Holiday Monday, the 27th August 2018, Partridge Lakes Fishery is excited to be hosting a TEAMS OF FOUR Match! 

How it will work.. 

£200 Team Entry (paid in advance)
£20 Individual Pools (paid on the day)

20 Teams of Four.. with one angler from each team in a section;

Sec 1 – Spey / Marsh – 20 anglers
Sec 2 – Covey 1 & 2 – 20 anglers
Sec 3 – Covey 3 & 4 – 20 anglers
Sec 4 – Covey 6 – 20 anglers

The draw (at 8.30 am)..
A Team Captain will draw which section each angler in their team is in first, and then will draw a peg from the relevant section. Teams may not choose which angler fishes where – it will be ran like our Winter Leagues and pegs will be drawn specifically for each angler.

Winning Teams will be decided on Section Points.
Each of the 4 sections will be split into 2, Section points will be 1 – 10 (the lower the section point the better – 1 is best)
Then all 4 team mates will combine section points – lowest team points wins.
IF there is a tie on total team section points, it will be decided on combined team weight and not section count backs.

What you’re fishing for..

Team Pay Outs

1. £1,500
2. £1,000
3. £800
4. £700

Top Individual & Section Pay Outs dependent on number of entries

Prizes kindly donated by Tackle Guru