Winter Leagues 2018/2019

Sunday Individual Winter League 2018/19

It will be held on Covey 5 & 6, Willow, Piper, Pine, Marsh & Spey.

16th December
6th January
20th January
3rd February
17th February
10th March

Individual league on the day pay outs (TBC)

1st = £150
2nd = £130
3rd = £110
4th = £90
5th = £70

Individual league final pay outs (TBC)

1st = £240
2nd = £200
3rd = £180
4th = £130
5th = £100

To enter the 2018/19 Individual Winter League we need £40 cash upfront each to enter (this covers £20 entry and £20 for your last match pools money upfront) & £20 all in pool money on the day (except last match as pre paid)

Overall league decided on a points basis
Any ties will be decided by weight
All pay outs based on 85 anglers
The match organisers’ decision is final
All matches fished on Partridge Lakes match rules

A tad more info on the 2018/19 Individual Winter League…

  • The 2018/19 Individual WL will be held over 6 rounds.


  • Depending on numbers of anglers that turn up on the day of each round, lakes and pegging may change, as will the pay outs on the day.
  • 15 AM to book in for the league each round, with an 8.30 AM draw. If you’re running late, you must phone before 8.15 as there will not be a peg put in the draw box.


  • It will be a totally random draw each round where you will pick from Covey 5, Covey 6, Spey, Marsh, Willow, Piper, Ribbon – lakes used dependent on number of anglers in the league.


  • Each angler may drop their worst result from one of the six rounds.


  • Each anglers s allowed one stand in but not on the last round.


  • Anglers may fish half way between themselves and the next angler.


  • Any concerns or complaints must be made during (by calling 07950057613) or straight after the match to the bailiff on duty before leaving the Fishery on the day. The officials’ decision is final.




Saturday Winter League Teams Of 4  2018/19

The Saturday Winter League will be held on Covey 1, 2, 3 & 4.

There will be 8 rounds held fortnightly (approximately) the dates are as follows;

3rd November
17th November
1st December
15th December
5th January
19th January
2nd February
23rd February

To enter the Saturday Teams of Four WL, entry fee is £30 per man BUT we must have £70 per man upfront (£280 per team) this INCLUDES the £20 pools for the first & last match per angler.

(Total to be paid upfront is £280 per team and for rounds 2 to 7 it will be £20 pools on the day each)

Saturday 4

For further information & frequent updates please check our Facebook Page & the Events section where each of the Winter Leagues have an event with info & results posted!

Our winter leagues are open to all anglers, if you would like to book on please call 07950057613 as there are limited places available, and all payments must be paid in cash up front – PAYMENT DEADLINE IS MID OCTOBER!!