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Partridge Lakes Fishery host club matches on the following waters: Covey 5, Covey 6, Spey, Marsh and Ribbon. To read more about these lakes, please click the link below.

As each of our club match waters differ in size, each lake has a minimum number of pegs that must be booked to ensure lake exclusivity. Please see below for the minimums for each of our waters.


Covey 5 20 20
Covey 6 26 26
Spey 11 14
Marsh 11 14
Ribbon 10 11

To enquire about club match availability, please see our club match diary or contact our office team on 01925 767505. Please note that all club match bookings require a non-refundable deposit to secure the lake. If no deposit is received, your booking may be cancelled and the dates made available to other clubs.

Our 2025 diary will open on Tuesday 2nd January 2024 from 8am. Please call 01925 767505 to book. Please note that the option to book through the website will be disabled at this time to avoid duplicate bookings.

If you require any assistance on the day of your match, please contact the bailiff on 07950057613.

If you expect to have any additional anglers closer to the time, please notify the office team in advance on 01925 767505. If you have more anglers on the day than expected, you can visit the bait shop or the bailiff on arrival.

Club Match Championship


As a thank you to our club match anglers, we hold an annual peg-fee free club match championship event every October.

This annual event is sponsored by Guru and we have fantastic prizes up for grabs every year. With up to 180 anglers across the complex, our annual Club Match Championship brings together the winners from every club match held at Partridge throughout the year!

To register your club match winners for October Friday 4th 2024 match, please enter your winners name in the Club Championship product under “buy match ticket” section. – Book Here!

Follow fishery manger Bar as she takes a look around the Partridge Lakes 2020 Club Match Championship!

Thank you to Tackle Guru for sponsoring some of the prizes for the event.

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