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Kristian Jones Coaching

As one of the most consistent and successful anglers around, Kristian has proven himself time and time again against quality fields across the UK!

With countless festival wins, fishery open match wins and appearances in big finals such as Mega Match This and Fish’O’Mania, this man has so much to offer!

Contact Kris via email at:



1 Make sure that you keep warm and are comfortable on the bank. It sounds obvious, but there’s nothing worse than being frozen – it affects your concentration, meaning that you make bad decisions and don’t enjoy your fishing.

2 Watch the clock! Carp at this time of year feed late on, so don’t expect to catch loads from the off. Plan on spending the final 90 minutes of a session looking for them. Be patient, keep feeding and you will catch a few.

3 While waiting for the carp to clock on, begin by fishing for silverfish. They’re reliable feeders, and whether they’re small roach or big skimmers, the regular bites keep you busy.

4 Don’t be afraid to feed. This is one thing I always want to get across on coaching days. It might be cold, but the fish will feed at some point, but not if there’s no bait in the peg. Look to find the deepest part of your peg and keep trickling in eight to 15 maggots regularly.

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