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Code of Conduct and Fishery Etiquette Rules

Please carefully read over the Code of Conduct, as an angler here at Partridge Lakes, you must adhere to fishery rules at all times and follow the Peg Etiquette as mentioned below:


Take care when approaching another angler on their peg.

When approaching another angler, it is easy at times to “skyline” someone. This is to stand in their peg above their seated position and give the fish the chance to make out a large silhouette against the backdrop of the sky and therefore will swim away. So, if someone’s fishing in close, or up in the water, don’t come bounding over the horizon in an abrupt manner.


Having bite alarms on an appropriate volume.

If you choose to use bite alarms on your peg, we just ask that you have the volume set on an appropriate level for those around.


Being mindful to others Swim.

It is essential that you fish in your own swim to ensure fairness for all anglers. A Swim consist of being down to the left and right of your own peg about halfway to the next, so it is even both. Going out from the peg it is usually said that you fish from the corners of your peg outward at a slight angler to give you a “v” shape swim.

You can by all means, fish the surrounding area if no one is on the other pegs but when/if another angler turns up then you must respect their swim, the same applies with only baiting your own swim.


Being respectful to all on the banks.

Always being respectful to everyone on the banks is a must. The members here at Partridge Lakes is very much like a community and is expected to be treated as such for the interest of our anglers.

Ensure that respect is used when approaching another angler if they are in a Bivvy or Brolly and if they are with others or landing a fish. We also ask that you are respectful when talking to others about their fishing knowledge, peg choices/hotspots as this is up to each angler – everyone is more than welcome to help out and would be happy to assist but we just ask that care is taken when doing so.


Use of Bait Boats on the lakes.

You can use a bait boat if needed but only in your own swim and within reason of respect towards other anglers. Taking into consideration the volume and size of the bat boat as the lakes are not that large.


No littering.

We ask that you please put all rubbish from your visit in any of the nearby bins situated across the whole complex. We have placed bins by every lake and ask that you take all rubbish away with you when you leave your peg at the end of a session.


Being respectful of your surroundings.

When on your visit, we ask that you are not overly loud when on your peg. If you are with family or friends as spectators, then just taking into account of your area affecting others. This includes use of music; we just ask that you keep it at an appropriate volume.


Encroaching on another angler’s swim.

When an angler has caught in his swim, by fishing nearby the area that has been caught in by going over or into their swim can put both of you in a position to have your days fishing ruined. This can stop the fish from biting and is disrespectful to the other angler.


Taking care of the fish.

When catching the fish from the lake, it is vital that you take care when landing the fish and putting it back into the water. If required, use of fish safe products can be applied to fish with sores etc. This includes making sure to use all tackle that is in line with our fishery rules for care of the fish.


If you would like to be accompanied by a partner or friend please ensure they are positioned away from other pegs. Under no circumstances are companions permitted to fish. Please refer to the “Fishery Rules” tab for further bait and tackle rules across the complex. Thank you for taking the time to read through these rules and for your continued support in ensuring they are adhered to. If you are witness to anyone not followng through with these rules, please contact the Bailiff on site or a member of staff in the shop.

BAIT SHOP – 07734940100
BAILIFF – 07950057613

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